townsville folk festival

townsville folk festival

We Are Looking to a Sustainable Tomorrow


The Townsville Folk Festival is proud of our recycling efforts and aim to achieve zero waste

We need your help to achieve this goal

Here’s what you can do

1. Bring your own cup and container/plate/bowl into the festival site to help us achieve our zero.

2. As there is no waste collection service at Foot’s Hill Station, remember that you have to be responsible for your own rubbish – start thinking now about how you can reduce the rubbish you bring and produce.

3. Although we love it if you bring your own drinking water, did you know that there are water refill stations around the festival site? This water is clean and safe to drink, so refill your water bottles!

4. We are so proud that our festival goers consistently leave the site perfectly clean, and that last year so many of you used your own cups and containers that we avoided 12 tonnes of waste from going to landfill. Let’s do it again this year and get even closer to zero waste.

5. There will be 10c container bins located around the festival site – so help support the Festival (and the hardworking volunteers) by placing only your 10c cans and bottles in them.

Wash centre – Recycle Initiatives

Use less throwaway cups and plates

Recycle your drink bottles