Eco Carnivale

A celebration of sustainable art and creativity

Townsville folk festival volunteer

Eco Carnivale

A celebration of sustainable art and creativity

This year’s theme is Eco Carnivale

Eco Carnivale!

Join us in a celebration of colour, sights, and sounds like never before, where creativity meets sustainability.

This year, our theme is “Eco Carnivale”!  Dive into the vibrant world of music, art, and eco-conscious rivalry at the Townsville Folk Festival. This year, we’re blending the magic of Carnivale traditions with a green twist, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of cultural elements, dance to the rhythm of world-class musicians, and bask in the joyous atmosphere of community and creativity. Unleash your imagination on Saturday night’s dress-up event as we challenge you to craft wearable art using recycled and repurposed materials.  Let your individuality shine. Kudos to our festival attendees who have already embraced sustainable living!  We know you’re rocking your coffee cups, refillable water bottles, plates, cutlery, and containers to minimize waste from single-use items. Let’s keep the momentum going! Join us at the Townsville Folk Festival – where every beat, every colour, and every moment is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future

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