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The Townsville Folk Festival, presented by the Townsville Folk & Acoustic Music Club Inc., stands as a beacon of community spirit, creativity, and musical harmony.

This not-for-profit, family-friendly event is more than just a festival; it’s a gathering that embodies the essence of folk culture, nestled in the serene backdrop of the Australian bush south of Townsville.

The festival’s history is a rich tapestry of music, friendship, and tradition. Since its humble beginnings in 1991 as a simple weekend getaway, the Townsville Folk Festival has blossomed into a much-anticipated event, drawing attendees to its unique location at the Foots Hill Station.

The festival’s evolution has been guided by the passionate efforts of North Queensland’s folk scene luminaries, including Alton Twine, Tom Montgomery, Don Jarmey, and Angie Kitzlemann, under the stewardship of the Townsville Folk and Acoustic Music Club since 2000.

The festival’s accolades, notably winning the Townsville City Council’s Arts Award for Event of the Year in 2010, underscore its significance in the cultural landscape. Its consistent growth, culminating in sold-out events since 2012, reflects the festival’s capacity to captivate and engage. The recent adjustments to accommodate the loss of the long weekend highlight the festival’s resilience and commitment to delivering an exceptional experience year after year.

The community at the heart of the Townsville Folk Festival is its lifeblood. The dedication of its all-volunteer organising committee ensures that any proceeds are reinvested into the festival or donated to support local community organisations and initiatives, from the Full Throttle Theatre Company to La Luna Youth Arts.

As planning for the next festival is underway, the Townsville Folk and Acoustic Music Club Inc. invites everyone to be part of the magic of the Townsville Folk Festival. This event celebrates folk music and is a testament to the power of community, volunteerism, and the enduring appeal of gathering in the spirit of music and camaraderie.

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