Festival FAQs

Codes of conduct and FAQs


Festival FAQ’s

Codes of Conduct and Information

Festival FAQ’s

The Townsville Folk Festival is held annually over four days and three nights, from June 6th through to June 9th, our festival experience includes access to over 80 hours of live original music across three stages.

  • General Instructions:
  1. Gate Opening: The gate opens at 10 AM, and attendees should not arrive before unless prior arrangements are made with the organisers.
  2. Underage Drinking: Strict zero tolerance towards underage drinking. Minors caught with alcohol will be handed over to authorities, along with adults who supplied them.
  3. No Pets: Except for guide or assistance dogs, no pets are allowed on the site. Any violation will result in eviction.
  • Festival Conditions and Camping:
  1. Seating: Bring your camp chairs for seating to comply with COVID safety and social distancing. Maintain 1.5 meters between groups.
  2. Anti-Social Behavior: Not tolerated; the festival is a family and community event. Security staff will deal with any anti-social behaviour, potentially leading to eviction.
  3. Weather: The Festival will proceed regardless of weather conditions. Attendees should come prepared for rain, warm days, and cool nights. Don’t forget sunscreen.
  4. Drinking Water: Drinking water is provided on-site in water tanks at the campsite, festival site, and volunteer campsite.
  5. Footwear: Footwear is to be worn at all times.
  6. Program Changes: Organizers reserve the right to change the festival program. Download the program onto your smartphone before arrival to assist in paper reduction.
  7. Media Recording: Respect copyright and artists’ livelihoods by not taking photographs, video, or audio recordings without prior approval.
  • Security and Safety:
  1. Security of Personal Items: The organizers aren’t responsible for the loss or theft of personal items. Valuables, alcohol, or cigarettes should be locked in cars.
  2. Camping Guidelines: Camp in designated areas. Volunteers will assist with directions. If camping in a group, inform volunteers of adequate space allocation.
  3. Campfires: One self-contained fire pit (brazier) is allowed at your campsite. Must have two full buckets of water at all times. Fires must not be left unattended.
  4. Generators: No generators are permitted on the campsite.
  5. Guy Ropes: Ensure guy ropes around your site do not pose a safety hazard for other campers. Mark them with white plastic strips if necessary.
    Litter: Dispose of waste in appropriate containers. Recycle whenever possible. Keep sites litter-free and preferably take all rubbish home.
  6. Loud Music: Avoid playing loud music or drums in general camping areas for the comfort of others.
  1. Location Directions:
    Head towards Charters Towers on Flinders Hwy/A6 – about 43 km ~ Turn left onto Dingo Park Rd. – 10 km ~ Turn right onto Webb Rd and continue to the end to Footshill station gate – 8.8 km ~ That’s it!
  2. See you there! Click for map
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We hope to provide the best possible music festival experience for our supporters our musicians, our volunteers, stall holders and our festival-goers. Help us keep it a vibrant magical festival

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