Chris Matthews


Under the stars just a short drive from Townsville

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Chris Matthews



Under the stars just a short drive from Townsville



There’s many ways you could describe Chris Matthews – A story teller and unique guitarist of extraordinary ability, whose fingers across the fretboard sound and move Iike no one else. Then there’s his touring exploits which almost redefine the word “troubadour” – whether he be playing solo, or as a multi instrumentalist for some of Australia’s greatest musical acts. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the country’s top performers, combining impeccable musicianship with some absolutely memorable songwriting, and wrapping it all up with a voice that can only be described as his own.

Originally hailing from the vast Kimberley region of North West Australia, Matthews started touring way back in 2002 – and since that time has managed to find his way around the country over 30 times. An incredible achievement by anyone’s standards, and with a swag of stories collected over that time of non stop touring and performing, he’s a force to be reckoned with both on-stage and off.

Disregarding the idea that an artist should fit into a certain genre, Matthews has combined the high level songwriting of country music, a love of story telling, stirred it in a pot with the often startling musicianship of folk, thrown in a dash of the energy of rock n roll, and then added a big spoon of punk attitude and served it all up with a lashing of Australian roots and charisma . He’s at once all of them, and yet none of them at the same time. Ask him to put a label on what he does though, and he’ll just tell you he’s “hopefully playing good music”. And with 4 albums and 4000+ shows under his belt, it’s pretty clear that he most certainly is.

Whether you find him playing banjo, mandolin and slide guitar with some of the Australia’s top Country artists, or blowing the minds of a Folk Festival audience on his acoustic guitars, or spinning stories to an intimate crowd at a house concert, its clear that Matthews has a rare ability that allows his music to fit anywhere and everywhere, with any act and on any stage. And armed with a passion for giving it everything he’s got every time he plays, he’s one of the best live performers you’ll see, and one you’ll never forget.

Now into his third decade of touring Australia, there’s not many stages, festivals or towns that he hasn’t been on or been asked back to. And after taking out the WA Male Artist of the Year at the 2022 WA Country Music Awards, and having his previous 2 albums , 2020’s “Little Bit Long Way” and 2022’s “Buckle Up” nominated for Album of the Year, the fella from Kununurra just keeps getting better.

See you there!


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